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$165 for a whole month of Crossfit classes vs. $85 for a 50ish min session (usually a bit longer if need be) 3x a week. Shit, it'll add the fuck up month to month, i'll tell you that! But why would you choose the ladder? In my eyes, it's a fast track to fitness. "But Allan, of course you would want people to do 1 on 1 training, ITS A LOT MORE money in your pocket", it is bro, a lot more, but it is also a far superior product. Don't get me wrong, I put the same amount of effort when I am training a group of 3-6 individuals, but at the same time, my eyes have to be on 3-6 other individuals that are NOT you. When you choose 1 on 1 training, MY eyes are on YOU, not on Ryan or Rachel or Miguel or Amber. You get the picture. You do a set of 10 squats, my eyes are on you for those 10 reps. I'm not only on your first two reps, then on Melanie's next two reps, then I gotta see Rebecca's next two reps and when my eyes come back to you, you're probably racking the bar. Your first two reps were phenomenal, reps 3-10, who the fuck knows unless you recorded yourself. Oh shit, you recorded yourself??? I don't have time right now to focus solely on your 10 reps which took about a minute because Mark is starting his second set and my eyes have to see what he's doing cause on his last set I saw some stuff that I dis not like, so I REALLY have to focus on HIM during this set.

You see what I'm getting at? If you're new to fitness and exercise and movement, you need a solid pair of trained eyes that is going to give you immediate feedback. But Allan, I can show you my video at the end of class and you can give me some pointers. I could, but I might NEED to go take a shit, I might be thirsty, so I want to take a drink of water, SHIT, I got Ava about to pass out on me on the other side of the gym because she decided not eat today before a very strenuous workout. I could keep going on and on why you would want to participate in small group classes versus 1 on 1 training or vice versa.

But Allan, I REALLY can not afford to do 3 sessions a week, it adds up to over $1000 a month! I get it, some people can only afford 1 session a week, maybe even 2, but they will be better off than zero when It comes to learning how to move better. I'll tell you one thing though, the odds of you finding a trainer that can enhance your movement more than what I can at a Globo gym are slim to none. I myself go to 24 Hour Fitness. I go see people move. I go see trainers train their clients. I've seen trainers do the SAME workout with 4 different clients that CLEARLY have very different needs. But they don't know that. And that's why they're paying $80,$90,$100,$150 an hour to train with these subpar personal trainers. I'll be honest, one of the main reasons this happens also is because both the trainer and the client usually don't know any better. Besides that, these trainers are only getting a fraction of the money these Globo gyms charge for training sessions. Some years back I applied at 24 Hour Fitness to be a Personal Trainer, I had two degrees and 4 certificates. I was going to be on the HIGH END from the start making $22.50/hr., with am added bonus if I upsold my clients more sessions, and it might've been like 10% off of whatever supplements I sold them that were on 24 Hours shelves.

Dude, trust me, you want to train with me, you want me to keep a log of every single exercise we do, you want me to keep a log of all the weights we use for all the exercises we perform. You want to do exercises which we can observe, repeat and measure so we KNOW that you are getting better week by week, month by month, year by year. You want me to help you move as well as you can. You want my attention to small details in order to stay healthy and not hurt yourself. Let's make this shit happen, and let's get you started on the path to bettering the fuck out of yourself

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